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All of scripture dynamically moves toward a divine marriage (Rev 19:7-9). In this short article, I will attempt to define the reason for marriage, its order, and its importance in successful daily application (Smith 2020). Marriage is a spiritual covenant that has been designed by Heaven to teach the man and the woman the order of God.

1. The Ultimate Reason for Marriage

The Bible begins with a marriage in Genesis and ends in a marriage in the book of Revelation. In essence, all of scripture is about a marriage (Cole 2013). God instituted that a man and a woman would enter into a divine covenant for a specific reason. They were to rule and reign on earth through God-given dominion (Gen 2:27-28). Apart from being fruitful and commanded to multiply, the covenanted couple are to be heirs together of the grace of life (1 Pet 3:7). Earthly marriage has been designed to teach us of the “Eternal Marriage” that is to come (Eph 5:31-32).

2. The Splendour of Order in Marriage

Elohim is a God of order (Smith 2020). We take notice of this in the Godhead itself. There is a distinct structure of love and submission found in the “Trinity” which forms the foundational DNA of the hierarchy of God. God, Himself has set up and ordained the superstructure of the patriarchy (1 Cor 11:3). Out of this order flows the biblical concept of ordained marriage. Any activity outside of the prescribed covenant of marriage violates the purpose for God-ordained union between a man and a woman which thus annuls the vision that God has for man. The divine order of marriage conveys inherent security to man in general. In the structured order of God, there is no competition between the husband and wife. They have been designed to fulfil different roles within the confines of a divinely structured marriage.

3. Applications of Daily Roles in Marriage

God has designated specific roles for the husband and wife to fulfil (Smith 2020a). The husband has been called to be the “loving-leader”. He is accountable to God for the holistic well-being of his family. Scripture is abundantly clear that the husband is to sacrifice his life for his family unit (Eph 5:25). This takes on the daily form of sacrificing himself through three main areas, namely as the family provider, pastor, and protector. The man has the daily responsibility for leading his family with absolute accountability before God.

The wife has been designed to fulfil the role of “helper” within the family structure (Smith 2020b). She is comparable to the husband and facilitates a vital part in the daily establishing of the family vision. Her role in the superstructure of the family is to “submit” willingly to the husband as unto the Lord. Through submission, a “teaching anointing” is released that impacts and enables the husband, in turn, to submit to the Lord in all things (Eph 5:22-24). The role of the wife through submission teaches the husband.


God has instituted marriage so that the man and woman might understand their high calling in Him — to rule and reign. Everything is moving toward a divine marriage that will take place. Marriage is rooted in the divine order of God. It has been given to a covenanted couple to teach, equip, and fulfil a unique mandate in the earth.

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