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20 Years

of Ministry

"I’ve had the privilege of experiencing some extraordinary and supernatural Kingdom moments over the last twenty years. I have witnessed the dead being raised back to life, every sickness healed and experienced supernatural signs, miracles and wonders following the preaching of the Gospel. From planting rural African churches on the banks of crocodile infested lakes, preaching the Gospel amongst the warrior-like Maasai tribe at the base of the breathtaking Mt. Kilimanjaro, to witnessing people being delivered from the demonic power of tribal cannibalism, it’s been an amazing journey on the road less traveled. This journey has taken me from the rolling hills of Zululand to seeing Aboriginals of Australia being baptized in the majestic Indian ocean. Over the last twenty years of ministry, I testify to seeing many people saved, lives radically transformed, and people being discipled and made ready for the coming of our King. This 500 photo gallery is to give all the honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ for the twenty years of ministry He has called me to walk in."  

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